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High School Partners

PHE partners with high schools that share our belief that health education is fundamental to a young person’s success. As an organization committed to advancing health equity, PHE works with under-resourced high schools where the majority of students are living in poverty. These schools partner with PHE to supplement or provide their health education program.

Peer Model

PHE selectively recruits and rigorously trains college student volunteers to be health educators in the classroom. As slightly older peers, PHE’s health educators are well-positioned to lead honest conversations about high school students’ choices and health. PHE is committed to recruiting a diverse cohort of health educators who come from similar backgrounds to the students they teach to facilitate strong relationships between health educators and students. 

Health Curriculum

Through our skills-based curriculum we aim to reduce unplanned pregnancy and substance abuse and increase help-seeking behavior for high school students. In an engaging, student-centered environment, volunteers teach a 13-workshop curriculum in which students practice skills in decision-making—such as how to identify consequences, communicate effectively, and identify valid information on the internet—designed to empower students to translate their knowledge into action.  

The PHE curriculum is designed to give teenagers the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy 
decisions. PHE staff developed these workshops with the support of a team of curriculum advisors ranging from adolescent health experts to high school teachers. The curriculum also aligns with national health and education standards. PHE’s curriculum is culturally-relevant, age-appropriate, and medically-accurate.

Over the course of the curriculum, students:

  • Reflect on their personal health and the health of their communities
  • Learn basic, accurate information about sexual health, mental health and substance use
  • Learn to communicate effectively with family members and peers
  • Advocate for the improvement of personal, family, and community health
  • Learn how to use the health resources in their neighborhoods and schools
  • Practice using a thoughtful decision-making model

Community Partners

PHE has a curriculum unit devoted to increasing students’ ability and desire to access health resources in their school and community. Where possible, PHE integrates a tour of the school-based health center into our program to introduce students to the health center’s staff and services. In schools that do not have a health center, PHE shares a unique video tour of a community health center with students.

PHE empowers young people to make active, informed choices that contribute to better life and health outcomes.

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