Our Growth

Since 2003, PHE has provided over 115,000 high school students with quality health education taught by over 8,500 college volunteers. In 2016, PHE was awarded the Society of Public Health Education (SOPHE) Program Excellence Award, an honor given to one organization each year to recognize high quality in health education programming.

Where We Began
The idea for Peer Health Exchange began when a group of college students partnered with New Haven public schools to teach health workshops after the school district cut its health program. These college students believed that all young people deserve equal opportunities to be healthy—including access to health education—regardless of their zip code. They worked with high school students and teachers to develop a program that empowered young people with the knowledge and skills to make healthy decisions. Seeing the impact they were having, when they graduated in 2003, these volunteers established Peer Health Exchange to share this successful model with other communities experiencing unmet health education needs. Founded by college students for high school students, cultivating the power inherent in young people remains central to PHE’s work and is embodied through our near-peer model. PHE continues to believe that health education has an important role to play in advancing health equity for young people.

2016-2021 Strategic Plan

Our current strategic plan has three major priorities:
strategic priorities

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