Career Development Events at PHE

    Published on April 25th, 2016


    “I’m always so happy to see that PHE takes an interest in my professional development and puts on events like the CDE to help me build my network.” –NYC PHE volunteer 

    With the end of the academic year in sight, some of our PHE volunteers will be graduating and heading off into the professional world soon. We feel fortunate to be part our volunteer’s college experience, and love learning about the impact that PHE has also had on their career path and professional development. In addition to training our volunteers to facilitate comprehensive health education workshops with young people, many volunteers report that PHE has helped them to enhance critical skills like public speaking, managing groups, and taking on a leadership role.

    The PHE experience provides real-world exposure to and preparation for a number of career paths. 69% of volunteers report that PHE increases their interest in pursuing a career or further study in public health, and 67% of volunteers report that PHE increased their interest in pursuing teaching. To support volunteers continued growth and exploration each spring, many of our cities hold a Career Development Event (CDE). One of the goals of the CDE is to expose our volunteers to professionals in the social sector, connect them to valued partners, and inspire them to pursue professional opportunities in fields related to PHE’s mission.

    “This year’s CDE was my absolute favorite event we have had in my three years in PHE. It made me feel really valued as a volunteer of the organization to connect with PHE alums and learn about all the cool things they have done since PHE… As a rising senior, I’m thankful to have had the PHE CDE because it really did help me figure out where my passions lie as I think about what I want to do post-graduation. We had the most diverse set of panelists this year who were all so impressive I wish could have spoken to them all.” –NYC PHE volunteer

    For example, this month, panelists at our PHE New York City Career Development Event included:

    •  Scott Jelinek, MD Candidate at Icahn School of Medicine, former PHE volunteer
    • Pamela Jones, Center for Motivation & Change, PHE Board member
    • Shana Louallen, LMSW Social Worker, Co-Founder, Youth x Culture x Ed
    • Rachel Masch, MD MPH, Executive Director at Basic Health International
    • George Suttles, Vice President, Senior Philanthropic Relationship Manager, U.S. Trust
    • Susan Xenarios, Director of Crime Victims Treatment Center at St. Luke’s Hospital

    “I have attended the CDE for the last 3 years and this year’s was the best one yet! The venue was amazing, the food was delicious and most importantly, the speakers were awesome. The speakers had a diverse range of specialties, which reminded me that I can use my experience in PHE in so many different ways. The breakout sessions were also great to get a look at the inspiring journeys of each speaker. For instance, Shana worked in PR for 6 years but still ended up working in restorative justice! It was nice to see that there’s no clear cut journey to becoming an advocate or working on social justice issues.” –NYC PHE volunteer

    A special thank you to all of our panelists who participated in this year’s PHE Career Development Events!

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