4 videos that remind us consent is necessary for good sex

    Published on August 23rd, 2018

    At Peer Health Exchange we define consent as choosing freely to do something—a clear “yes” at every step of sexual activity. Below are four videos about consent: what it means, how to know you have it, and when you don’t. All of these videos remind us that sex is about respect, communication, and honesty. Consent education is important in navigating any relationship and reminds all of us that it’s not confusing or difficult—and is necessary for good sex.

    1. How do you know if someone wants to have sex with you? by Planned Parenthood is part of a larger series on consent and relationships. The series won the 2016 People’s Voice Award in the Public Service and Activism (Video Channel) category of the 20th Annual Webby Awards. Click below to watch this video which clearly shows how asking for consent is sexy when you are clear and checking in.

    2. Blue Seat Studio’s Consent As a Cup of Tea is a video we’ve shared with young people in classrooms across the country. The simplicity of this video and the examples provided makes the analogy of consent as tea uncomplicated. So whether you’re about to sip your tea, can’t decide if you do or don’t want tea, or had enough tea – asking someone if they want tea (or sex) is not complicated or difficult.

    3. Laci Green is a sex educator and popular YouTuber. Her humorous and honest approach to discussing sex through roleplay in Wanna Have Sex? prompts us to think about how to constantly check-in with your partner.

    4. Campus Clarity uses a phone in this video, 2 Minutes will Change the Way You Think About Consent, in a similar way tea is used as an analogy for sex in Blue Seat Studio’s Consent As a Cup of Tea. Interestingly enough it’s also the phone that clarifies whether or not she has received “consent”. This video again offers different scenarios and how to address them when it comes to consent.

    Do you know of any other videos or popular media about consent that you think we should check out? Share and tag us on social media at @PeerHealthExchange.

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