Day in the Life: Morayo Faleyimu, Peer Health Exchange NYC Senior Program Manager

    Published on March 8th, 2018

    Our program’s reach and positive impact on the lives of young people would not be possible without the hard work, passion, and dedication of our talented team. It’s our people-power that makes Peer Health Exchange a unique and amazing place to work. In this ‘Day in the Life’ series,  we shine the spotlight on one employee at a time—providing just a snapshot of what they do—over the course of a typical day. 

    Your Name: Morayo Faleyimu
    Your Job Title: Senior Program Manager, NYC
    In your own words, describe what you do in one sentence: I manage leaders of Peer Health Exchange chapters at City College of New York and Brooklyn College and maintain positive partnerships with the high schools these volunteers serve.
    Your direct manager’s title: Francisco Cruz, Program Director, NYC

    10 AM: It’s almost time for City Check-In, our weekly Thursday full staff meeting!  I am facilitating this week’s agenda, so I’ve made copies for the team.  This week, our conversation focuses on high school outreach for new and returning partners.  I enjoy City Check-In because it’s the one time of the week that everyone (hopefully) is in the office!  (Thanks to Sav, Nayah, and Manish for the photo styling).


    2 PM: Yikes! I’m going to be late for my check-in with Francisco!  (I’ve been waiting in line at the halal cart for 15 minutes).  This particular halal cart is a staff favorite, so I am also picking up orders for Manish and Sav. When I get back to the office, Francisco is also eating halal. We left at the same time, but he went to the other cart – the one with the shorter line. I generally try to eat lunch between 12-1 PM, but I was in meetings until 1:45 PM. Thursdays are my most packed day, meeting-wise.

    4 PM: Before I hop on the phone with my incoming City College, I chat with Sav and Manish. Program Managers work in an open office space. The best part about this setup is the proximity to colleagues. It’s a great way to collaborate! The worst part of this setup is the way that we can distract each other. But if we’re talking about PHE, it’s still work…right?

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