Day in the life: Philister Sidigu, Peer Health Exchange Senior Manager, Communications

    Published on July 3rd, 2019

    Our program’s reach and positive impact on the lives of young people would not be possible without the hard work, passion and dedication of our talented team. It’s our people-power that makes Peer Health Exchange a unique and amazing place to work. In this ‘Day in the Life’ series,  we shine the spotlight on one employee at a time—providing just a snapshot of what they do—over the course of a typical day.

    Your Name: Philister Sidigu
    Your Job Title: Senior Manager, Communications

    9:30 AM I usually start my day by checking emails at home in the morning. If I come into the office it is usually around 9:30 – 10 AM. You will notice that I have my MacBook and laptop because the drive I use to store video files is a Mac drive. I am working on editing a video for the External Affairs team and skim through my emails.

    11:00 AM I’m getting ready for a conference call to discuss Boston’s benefit event, Paint the Town Orange. I manage the projects for our team and meet with everyone who fills out the Marketing + Communications Request Form. It’s always exciting to talk to everyone and really get to know my colleagues from all five sites and national. The best part of my job is that it is never boring and I will most likely get to talk to every Peer Health Exchange team member at some point.

    1 PM I love food! I can go on and on about how much I love food because it really is the best way to get me to go anywhere. Since I’m based in Chicago, I have gotten spoiled by the Chicago team. The Chicago team will sometimes take a quick coffee break, get candy, or be treated to our colleague Katherine’s wonderful baked goodies. I also try to always eat something healthy and on this day I opted for a salad. Did you notice I’ve changed rooms? The Comms team shares one of the rooms in the office when we are not working in the common area.

    3 PM I often will take a quick walk to clear my head if I have been editing all day and/or need a break. Today I took a picture of these beautiful flowers during my walk. Aren’t they beautiful?!

    3:15 PM I’m back to editing! Did you notice I’m using a different computer? This is our Marketing and Comms Mac. I use it for editing videos and our graphic designer, Madison, uses it for editing graphics in the office.

    6 PM I wrote a play! I have been spending a lot of time with the cast and crew over the weeks preparing for the production of A Ditch in Madagali. Here’s a picture my friend Obi took of all of us making silly faces.

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