Introducing: Humans of PHE

    Published on February 29th, 2016

    This semester, PHE’s Social Media Captains (SMCs) have been busy capturing individual stories from each of their PHE communities, modeled after the well-known project, Humans of New York City. With the launch of Humans of PHE (#HOPHE), each college campus has been highlighting volunteer stories based on the PHE Core Values of Health, Impact, Communication, Diversity, and Agency. Humans of PHE aims to deepen awareness of the PHE community and the work that PHE does, while facilitating a better understanding of the individuals moving the PHE mission forward. Here is a sample of the great stories that have been shared so far:Juan_R_HOPHE“During a CA3 workshop, I went over to a student who raised their hand. They told me that they were seeing some of the warning signs we had just talked about in a close friend. The student told me that their friend had attempted suicide in the past and was now seeing a mental health professional. They were really concerned about what they should be doing at this point to best help their friend. After a brief talk, we came to an agreement that the best thing to do for their friend was to continually encourage them to keep seeking help. We also agreed that they should stay aware of any more serious warning signs that could indicate future suicidal thoughts. During this brief talk, I didn’t really need to tell this student any right answers, they figured out on their own what they should do. But it’s hard to feel sure about anything when the safety and well-being of someone you care about is in question. Sometimes we just need others to hear us out and tell us we’re not completely lost or clueless, and that is an important part of what we do for our students. It helps me #RememberTheWhy.”  – Juan, University of Illinois, Chicago

    The campaign will be going on through the spring semester, and you can follow along on our National Instagram, or Facebook page, where we are re-posting these inspiring HOPHE stories.

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