Young People and the Impact of Community Violence and the Healthcare Bill

    Published on June 27th, 2017

    Day in and day out, young people – especially black, brown, and LGBTQ young folks – experience horrendous violence against themselves and their communities. Nabra Hassan was just 17 when she was killed. Jaquarrius Holland was just 18. Both were not much older than the young people we engage in PHE’s workshops. Maybe they would have been PHE volunteers if they had made it to college. June 25th would have been Tamir Rice’s 15th birthday. The list of young people falling victim to senseless violence goes on and on.

    This relentless violence and discrimination creates acute and chronic stress for black, brown, and LGBTQ young people, which leads to an avalanche of negative health outcomes.

    At the same time, too many doors to resources are being shut. The most recent Senate healthcare bill could leave millions without insurance. It seeks to defund Planned Parenthood, one of the few places where LGBTQ young folks can get LGBTQ-friendly healthcare, no matter where they live. And it would discontinue required Medicaid support for mental health services in 2019.

    We need your help to show up for young people now. Speak out against violence in these communities. Talk to your friends and family about how to voice your opinions on healthcare legislation. Support PHE and other youth-serving organizations any chance you get.


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