Let’s Talk: COVID-19 and Advocacy

    Published on April 10th, 2020

    Are you a teacher? Click here for suggestions for advocacy activities that you can do with your class

    Advocacy is the act of speaking up for, supporting, or encouraging someone or something. A person can advocate for themselves or others by speaking up, sharing their needs, and asking for help.

    In a time where we are facing uncertainty and disruption, it is important to advocate for ourselves and our peers so that leaders in our schools, communities, and government can be responsive to our needs. Check out the resources below to learn how you can advocate from home!

    Steps to Advocate

    Create a Social Media Advocacy Campaign

    Now is a particularly important time to be advocating for health. One way to spread the word is through a social media campaign! Follow the steps below to begin your advocacy movement:

    • Ideate: What are health topics that you care about or think people need to know about right now?
    • Brainstorm: What message about this topic do you think people need to hear?
    • Write: What phrase, image, or resources best communicate this message?
    • Create: On what platform can you best spread your message? Design a post for this platform and create a list of relevant accounts or hashtags you want to link.
    • Advocate: Post your message and encourage others to share! Consistency is key. Think about ways you can follow up on this message with more information or new visuals that people can share.

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