Making Choices

Published on July 12th, 2016

Contributed by Ana, a PHE student

The author of this blog post is a student in the Peer Health Exchange program, reflecting on how participating in Peer Health Exchange has affected her choices.

Peer Health class helped me a lot.

I never ever went to 9th period because I always though it was boring, but I started going after we started having health class on Wednesday. We had a lesson on weed and how it affects us. I used to smoke weed in the morning, before coming to school, after school, in the night almost all weekend. I would learn something and forget the next day. I was going through a lot at that time and the only thing that helped me was weed because it made me forget about things that hurt me or bothered me. In that class I learned that weed affects your thinking and doing it a lot makes you slower.

I started to realize that there are many other ways to handle stuff so I stopped smoking. I started writing how I felt in a notebook, going to an adult that can help me handle my problems. My grades went up from a 65 or 55 to a 75 or 80. I was making my mother proud and that really made me happy.

I learned that in life one choice can change your life.

Interview with Ana’s Teacher, Mr. Lennon

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