PHEnomenal Five

    Published on April 29th, 2016

    NYC Volunteers_The Door

    PHE volunteers touring The Door in NYC, a community partner listed in our Health Resources for Young People.

    PHEnomenal Five is a bi-weekly round-up of five articles that we thought were interesting related to young people, health education and health outcomes.

    PHEnomenal Five (April 29, 2016)

    1. The teen birth rate has hit an all time low, including among Hispanic and African American teens, but there is still continued progress to be made.

    2. Sexuality educators urge: the sooner, the better, for teaching young people about sex and consent.

    3. Mental health and public health experts are trying to find answers to the rising rates of suicide in the U.S., especially among adolescent girls.

    4. Although teen pregnancy rates have decreased, it turns out that fewer teens are learning about birth control that before.

    5. The CDC reports that there has been no drop in the use of tobacco products among young people, likely due to e-cigarettes.

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