Recruitment at Peer Health Exchange—building a movement for health equity

    Published on September 17th, 2018

    Fall is an exciting time at Peer Health Exchange as we welcome hundreds of new college volunteers across the country who join our shared movement towards health equity

    By leading workshops in ninth grade classrooms, these near-peer health educators help reinforce each young person’s sense of agency and build up skills in communication and decision-making.

    Why is recruitment important?

    Our volunteers are at the center of the work we do. Through our rigorous training, near-peer educators build meaningful connections, lead open and candid conversations, and provide honest answers to ninth graders about their health. But we also know that to deliver a truly comprehensive health curriculum, recruiting and retaining a volunteer corps who share similar life experiences with students and can advocate for their unique cultural and linguistic needs is important.

    How can you get involved?                                                

    If you are an undergraduate student at one of our partner colleges you can apply to be a health educator. Please visit to learn more.

    How can I join Peer Health Exchange's mission?