Stay breathing, connected, and in good care this Election Day

    Published on November 2nd, 2020

    Dear Community,

    Tomorrow is Election Day—and the finale of an incredibly long presidential campaign that feels like it started ages ago. Most of us feel the weight of this election especially! That weight may be getting noticeably heavier as we come closer to the date that indicates what is next.

    We may be holding our breath more. We may be doing things out of character, getting a bit quieter, louder, anxious, bitter, scared. All the emotions may be present throughout the day. It is okay to feel and to notice your feelings. And it is especially okay to ask for support, connection or to just take a break, a nap, laugh, scream, or breathe slowly and deeply.

    We do not need to hold this weight alone.

    Some additional gentle reminders:

    It is okay to be in your feelings, to notice how you are feeling and to ask for support. I am not________ for asking for support. I am taking care of myself and others when I know how I feel and what I need, and I invite others to do the same.

    It is okay to say no, to have boundaries. It is okay to light a candle, to say a prayer and conjure up some protection for the votes, voters, poll workers so that our votes can matter and bring forth hope, justice—including for those who can’t vote due to voter suppression and oppression.

    Please stay connected during this continuously heavy time, and know that when we come together the change that we hope to seek, experience, feel and engage with—the change that is restorative, connective, liberatory, and joyful—will move us further than when we decide to stay disconnected, isolated and in dis-ease.

    Tomorrow is a big day because no matter the results; we know change is coming. I hold Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s reminder that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice,” close to my heart.

    I hope that change bends towards the arc of justice today and beyond,



    Please feel free to add to this list and to share with your volunteers, community partners, family, and friends to help us stay breathing, connected, and in good care this Election Day.

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    Staying Informed and Involved

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    Krissy Leahy is the Director of Partnerships at Peer Health Exchange where she works with communities to strengthen and increase access to health education in high schools throughout the Western and Southern regions of the United States. Krissy is also a health educator, reproductive justice advocate, and connects to her passion for storytelling through community-led projects like SexSpeaks and the Black Breathing Project.

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