Volunteer Voices: Aareka Davis

    Published on March 26th, 2018

    Aareka Davis

    In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re showcasing a few of our volunteers this week and their commitment to young people and Peer Health Exchange’s mission.

    College/ University: CSU Dominguez Hills

    Major: Community Health/ Biology minor

    Why did you decide to volunteer at Peer Health Exchange?

    I decided to volunteer with Peer Health Exchange because I wanted to use my voice and knowledge to positively impact local high schoolers.

    What about Peer Health Exchange’s vision or mission attracted you to the organization?

    I was attracted to Peer Health Exchange’s mission to equip young people with the knowledge and skills to safely practice autonomy over their health and well being.

    How long have you been a volunteer at Peer Health Exchange?

    I have been a volunteer with Peer Health Exchange for 7 months

    What have you gained and/or learned from volunteering at Peer Health Exchange?

    I have learned how to serve as a leader within the cohort and how to engage in dialogue with youth about health topics.

    What does health equity mean to you?

    Health equity means that access is provided to underrepresented groups so that they may have the same health outcomes as those with higher socioeconomic statuses.

    What has been your most memorable moment as a Peer Health Exchange volunteer?

    My most memorable moment was when a student shared that she used our decision-making skills process (4 Cs) and decided to not go to a party where there would be underage drinking.

    What issues are you most concerned about?

    I am most concerned about health disparities among lower income groups. I am also concerned with finding new resources to bring into lower-income communities.

    Who inspires you and/or who is your role model when it comes to health advocacy and why?

    Honestly, I am my biggest inspiration for health advocacy. I have dealt with quite a few health problems in my life and depending on my parent’s financial situation, at the time, I did not always receive proper care. Being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, and not receiving proper care or information from my doctors, I was forced to do my own research in order to maintain my illness.  With my determination, I was able to achieve a better quality of life than before.  I am still learning new ways to manage my illness and achieve my goals.  I use my experiences with health as motivation to continue the effort of spreading health equity.

    Anything else you would want us to know about you and/or your experience with Peer Health Exchange?

    I am proud to serve in an organization that prioritizes health equity and autonomy for youth.

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