What Is It Like Inside Your Local Health Center?

    Published on February 19th, 2016

    There are many reasons why young people are unable to access health resources in their schools and communities. One of the barriers that our program hopes to eliminate is a lack of information. To that end, we are thrilled to announce a new resource to help young people access the care they may need.

    We collaborated with Stone Soup Films to create a virtual health center tour that helps break down some of the misconceptions that young people might have about their local health center. This video emphasizes the various resources available, the confidentiality of care providers, and the ease with which young people can take their health into their own hands.

    This fall, we piloted in-person health center tours in many of our schools that have school-based health centers (SBHC) on campus. Data from our in-person health center tours highlighted the significant impact that these can have on young people’s health behaviors and seeking out health resources. We found that students that received a health center tour were twice as likely to use a health center on their own. They were also more likely to know how to access items like contraception and mental health services. Since not all of our partner schools have a SBHC, our team set out to find a comprehensive, age-appropriate health center tour video to provide equal access to learning about healthcare resources, specifically visiting a health center.

    When we were unable to find a video that suited the needs of the young people we work with, we had the unique opportunity to partner with Stone Soup Films, who created this pro-bono video for our use. We are very pleased with the outcome, and look forward to using the video in our program and sharing it out as a resource to empower young people to deepen their understanding of how they can access vital health care resources in their community.

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