10 Year Anniversary Sponsors

    Thank you to our generous partners who have made contributions in honor of PHE’s 10th Anniversary.


    • Judy and Russ Carson
    • Tom and Kitty Kempner
    • Marty Schneider and Debra Fine
    • Margie and Nate Thorne


    • Bristol-Myers Squibb
    • The Cornelius Family Foundation
    • Joseph and Carson Gleberman
    • Mindy and Jon Gray
    • Todd Kaplan and Katie Hazelwood
    • Kirkland & Ellis LLP
    • Pamela Jones and Craig Russell
    • Patsy and Sandy Warner


    • G. Leonard Baker, Jr.
    • Peter Bokor and Jeanne Blaustein
    • Susan Fine
    • Laura and John Fisher
    • Michael and Nadine Grobstein
    • Martha and Bruce Karsh
    • Nate and Baily Kempner
    • Eric and Sarah Lane
    • Victoria Longo and Carl Eifler
    • John P. and Anne Welsh McNulty Foundation
    • Karen Pritzker
    • Greg Renker
    • Alex Robertson
    • Stanley Rosenzweig and Lauri Union
    • Jeff and Laura Shell
    • Gary Syman
    • Dana Zucker and Brahm Cramer


    • Elizabeth Atwood
    • Larry Berger and Anouk Markovits
    • Wendy and Douglas Eisenberg
    • Mara and Dean Landis
    • Susan Follett Panella & L. Mark Panella
    • Kaye Scholer LLP


    • Rodney and Elizabeth Berens
    • Rodney and Caryn Cohen
    • Katie Danziger and Steve Horowitz
    • Peggy and Kirk Davenport
    • Antoinette Delruelle
    • Susan and Thomas Dunn
    • Margaret Duskin
    • Lauren Dutton
    • Lucia and David Greenhouse
    • Vicki Gross
    • Insurance Licensing Services of America, Inc.
    • Laurie and Bob Horne
    • Barbara Kelly
    • Leslie Kerner
    • Cindy Mark
    • Elizabeth Munson
    • Alexandra & Frederick Peters
    • Margot Phillips
    • Susan and Jason Salgado
    • Mara and Ricky Sandler
    • Sara and Robert Savage
    • Monica and Rick Segal
    • Elizabeth Smith
    • Susan Drossman and Mark Sokoloff
    • Marci Spector
    • Hannah Strasser
    • Eleanor Sullivan
    • John L. and Sue Ann Weinberg Foundation
    • Russell and Megan Weise
    • Robin Maxwell and James Wilentz
    • Rebecca and Daniel Wolf

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