Our Solution

High School Partners

PHE partners with high schools that share our belief that health education is fundamental to a young person’s success. As an organization committed to advancing health equity, PHE works with under-resourced high schools where the majority of students are living in poverty. These schools partner with PHE to supplement or provide their health education program.

Near-Peer Model

PHE selectively recruits and rigorously trains college student volunteers to be health educators in the classroom.

As slightly older peers, PHE’s health educators are well-positioned to lead honest conversations about high school students’ choices and health.

Volunteers teach a 13-workshop curriculum in which students develop skills in decision-making, communication, and advocacy.

Health Curriculum

The PHE curriculum is designed to give teenagers the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy decisions. Through our skills-based curriculum we aim to reduce unplanned pregnancy and substance abuse and increase help-seeking behavior.

The curriculum aligns with national health and education standards. PHE’s curriculum is culturally relevant, age-appropriate, and medically accurate.

Community Partners

PHE links students from classrooms to clinics to help young people get the health resources they need.

Through in-person or virtual tours, PHE introduces students to health centers’ staff and services.

PHE empowers young people to make active, informed choices that contribute to better life and health outcomes.

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