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We are an organization where people can grow. We always strive to do and BE better. We take our work seriously. We have fun. All in service of better health outcomes and a more equitable world for young people.
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We strive to maintain an inclusive workplace and organizational culture where all staff feel supported. Internally, we are committed to addressing the ways that we perpetuate oppression. Employee Net Promoter Score = Great! Meaning our staff is highly engaged.

Staff name the following as key retention factors: Our mission, vision, and core values ; their colleagues ; our benefits and workplace flexibility

our culture

care for each other

Just as we aim to show up for young people, we aim to show up for each other. We inspire and support each other as individuals and as colleagues. We have fun together.

are bold

We are decisive, engage in smart risk-taking, and take the actions necessary to influence change for young people. In taking on new work, we are willing to make mistakes and commit to learning quikcly from each experience.

are inclusive

We strive to include multiple perspectives, voices, and identities in all aspects and phases of our work. We aim to be present and responsive to the needs of our communities and bring organizational humility tinto our work. We’re collaborative and believe in the strength of our full team.

are honest

We commit to clear, open, direct communication with each other. We will voice our own perspective(s) and communicate with our  collegeues promptly & respectfully. We value feedback and seek solutions to strengthen our efforts toward our collective mission. We are ‘loving critics’ who value self-awareness and commit to personal and professional growth, particularly in the areas that drive our work.

are accountable

We take ownership in our owrk and strive for high levels of trust across all levels of our team. We take initiative, accept responsibility fo our results, and respect/accept the decision made by our colleagues. We follow through and hold ourselves accountable for the “what” and “how” of our individual contribution to PHE’s vision, mission, impact, and core values.

find the joy

The work that we engage in is challenging and sustained by a culture of gratitude and celebration. We enjoy our work and create/sustain the moments that allow us to maintin balance and perspective. We foster moments and traditions that create an inspiring, positive place to work.

what our team says

Peer Health Exchange offers one of the most supportive and inclusive workplace!

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"Incredibly talented and diverse staff committed to high quality and thoughtful work including many stellar Black female exec team members; 70%+ POC staff"

"Top notch benefits and flexibility - excellent, fully covered healthcare for employee, competitive parental leave policy, generous vacation and sick time, and lots of flexibility for other life obligations; Very competitive pay for the non-profit sector"

"Lots of room to stay and grow especially in certain departments/good upward mobility if you perform your job well and demonstrate organizational competencies and potential"

from our founder

Peer Health Exchange began as a pilot program in 1999 when a New Haven public school teacher asked Yale college students to fill the gap for health education in his under-resourced school. As a founding college student health educator, I saw firsthand the power of young people showing up for other young people on critical health issues. Together, we were able to begin empowering young people with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to make healthy decisions.

When I co-founded Peer health Exchange in 2003, my goal was to build on the early promise of this near peer model and partner with other communities to meet their needs. But in the early years of PHE, I recruited too many college students and staff who looked like me—white women—and not enough Black and Latinx college students who shared the backgrounds of the young people we served. Not only did that mean we were not getting the most diverse talent, but it also meant that we weren’t showing up for young people to the full extent we could.With that goal in mind, I was proud to support laying the foundation and, later, observe the results as Peer Health Exchange worked hard to close this distance at every level of the organization, starting with volunteers and staff.

Over the past years, an increased number of PHE Volunteers  [are there still volunteers?] and Fellows have shared identities and backgrounds with the young people they serve. Led by Osayuware (Tina) Enagbare, Peer Health Exchange’s Chief Operating Officer, formally Head of Talent, and the senior leadership team, great progress has been made in representation among PHE staff across race and socio-economic background.  Currently, 70% of team members identify as people of color, and 93% of staff feel like Peer Health Exchange is a supportive and inclusive place to work.Today, I am proud to watch PHE take its equity, diversity and inclusion strategy to the next level under the leadership of Dr. Angela Glymph as CEO, alongside the Executive Team. I am confident that PHE’s DEI work will be stronger than ever.

Louise Langheier


Louise Langheier


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