Our Corporate Partners help build healthier communities with young people

Peer Health Exchange collaborates closely with brands and companies to elevate youth health education in their philanthropic or marketing strategy. Our corporate partners believe that every young person deserves equitable access to the health knowledge and tools needed to make healthy decisions.

1. Cause Marketing

Use topical moments like Cyber Tuesday, or Mental HealthAwareness Month, to donate a portion of sales to Peer HealthExchange.

2. Digital Campaign Collaboration

Elevate your support of topics like youth mental health, sexual health, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, etc., by co-creating a social media campaign with Peer Health Exchange.

3. Health Activation Day

Partner with Peer Health Exchange on a specific day to activate health awareness, engagement, and visibility for youth health. Our reach includes 15K young people in the classrooms, and 200K+ young people on selfsea.org

4. Expand Your Product Reach

Does your company have a product or service in the tech or health sector that we can leverage in our program? Let’s connect on how we can reach more young people and offer valuable health education together.

5. Sell a Branded Product

Partner with our Youth Design Group toco-create a sellable product that raises awareness for youth health.

6. Make a Philanthropic Grant

Help us fund our program or general operation costs by making a philanthropic grant from your corporate foundation.

Design a Custom Partnership

Do you have a great idea not listed above? If so, we are excited to create a custom partnership that meets your business goals and supports Peer Health Exchange!

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Get your company involved. Tell us if Peer Health Exchange is eligible for your company's matching gifts, corporate grants, or pro bono services.

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