Cherishing My Mother this Women’s History Month


I have the privilege of knowing a woman who’s full of forgiveness, love, and support. She is dedicated to her children, pushes herself, and stays motivated, no matter what life throws her way. A woman who doesn't have to do the things she does, yet she still gives her all to her children despite the circumstances. She is the woman I admire most, and she is none other than my mother.

Two qualities that come to mind when I think of my mother are perseverance and selflessness. She became pregnant with my oldest brother when she was an 18-year-old senior in high school. Guess what? That didn’t stop her from continuing to pursue her education. She finished high school and even went to college for two years. That’s something I appreciate and look up to about her because she didn’t let challenges stop her from doing what she had to do. When she gave birth to my brother, she took care of him and loved him immensely. Fast forward to when I was born– she had already had my second older brother and she was a single mother for the most part. But she didn’t depend on anyone. Of course she had help, but she took care of us, putting our needs ahead of her own. Later in life, she even took on raising my cousins and still made sure we were all in a position to win. She didn’t have to do what she did for my cousins but she still chose to. Even when she struggled here and there she never gave up.

I also look up to my mother for her support and forgiveness. She’s always had a big heart and big on second chances. She is always there to help when people, especially her kids, need her the most. Despite how much we may argue with her, she never stops taking care of us. My mother is the kind of woman who will make sure you get what you need no matter the terms you may be on. I feel like that’s something I can look up to, because it’ll help me in life, and to understand friendships and relationships. It’s also just nice to have someone so kind hearted to call my mother. She wants to see her children in a great place in the future. If she’s proud of us, we’ll know. Of course she wants us to go to college, what parent wouldn’t want that? But with her it's different, personally I don’t know if I want to go to college. She doesn’t knock me for that, she still gives me her motivation and lets me know that I’ll still be great one day. Overall I wanna thank my mother. I wouldn't be where I am today without her, she is the woman I look up to on a daily basis.


​​Savanna D (pronouns she/her/hers) is a 17-year-old high school senior interested in activism to improve causes such as the school to prison pipeline or sexism. Her involvement in selfsea ranges from a few different things like Youth Brand Ambassadors, Bridges, and Youth Design Group which she is currently part of now. In the Youth Design Group Savanna works with her peers and facilitators on providing feedback on the selfsea app, and how it could be better while building community with the other participants. Savanna is into math, reading, and writing.