Peer Health Exchange raises $15.6M Impact Capital Campaign

Published on June 30th, 2018

Peer Health Exchange proudly completed a $15.6M capital campaign. This success grants Peer Health Exchange a strong foundation and growth opportunities to empower young people with the knowledge, skills, and resources to make healthy decisions. Our gratitude knows no bounds for all those who guided us, galvanized their networks and gave to create this accomplishment.

With this support, Peer Health Exchange will deliver a stronger program to thousands more young people across the country, while partnering with health and education systems to build an integrated model for health education.

Your generous support allows Peer Health Exchange to:

  • Pilot and implement a more effective relationship-centered program model.
  • Grow partnerships and earned revenue funding sources with education and health partners.
  • Build capacity in talent, finance, and revenue.
  • Implement a rigorous evidence-building project to demonstrate the value of health education.
  • Boldly innovate on scalable program models, leveraging technology and partnerships to reach the hardest-to-reach young people.

Thank you all for your hard work and passion in supporting our young people. Here’s to all that is ahead!

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