Dr. Angela Glymph on “First of All”

    Published on May 20th, 2020

    When the going gets tough, how do we cope? Are we using the best evidence, treatment, and policies that help individuals and communities heal and thrive?

    In case you missed it, episode four of First of All, an online drug education series, recently explored these questions and more.

    Hosted by the Drug Policy Alliance’s Sasha Simon, a Peer Health Exchange National Board Member—the show invited our Vice President of Programs and Strategic Learning Dr. Angela Glymph to share more about Peer Health Exchange’s work, and how health education can lead to healthier decision-making. Click on the link below to learn more about:

    1. Peer Health Exchange’s mental health model  
    Research has shown that stigma towards mental health has prevented communities from utilizing mental health resources. Peer Health Exchange makes space for young people to understand how mental health is an important element of overall health. Our curriculum addresses stigmas toward mental illnesses and demystifies them. Our program also supports young people to recognize the warning signs of mental health issues, how to access resources, and how to advocate for themselves or a friend.  

    2. Our Demonstration Project 
    Before the pandemic, Peer Health Exchange’s Demonstration Project had sought to show how health education can lead to healthier life outcomes, as a tool for students to use throughout their lives. While this project is on hold for now, the COVID-19 crisis is an example of why public health education should be better implemented in schools across the country.  

    3. How our work serves to equip young people  
    Peer Health Exchange’s mission is to empower young people with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to make healthy decisions. We understand that young people are leaders of their own lives. Our shared future depends on them, and we work to encourage them to make any needed changes so they feel empowered enough to lead anywhere they are able to make a difference.  


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