How My School Counselor Transformed My Life

Manpreet Kaur

Reflecting on my first year at university, the term "school counselor" immediately takes me back to 8th grade when I first encountered my high school counselor, Ms. Planko. Despite not being my assigned counselor at the time, she left a profound impression on me as the supportive facilitator of a club. Her warmth, guidance, and genuine interest in my well-being stood out, shaping my perception of the role of a school counselor.

When I entered high school in 9th grade, I remember feeling constantly stressed, as if I was stepping into a new chapter of my life. However, Ms. Planko was like a steady lighthouse in the stormy sea, always making even the most demanding challenges manageable. Her unwavering support and encouragement became my beacon of hope, reassuring me that I could overcome any obstacle. The transition to high school felt less scary in her presence, and I found solace in knowing she was there to guide me through it all.

After Covid hit and we transitioned to remote learning, I returned for my junior year, still determining the future. Amid the changes brought by virtual classes and the challenges of adjusting to a new way of learning, Ms. Planko remained a steady presence. Whether I was grappling with academic concerns or personal issues, she was always just one message away, ready to offer guidance and support. Her genuine concern and care for my well-being were a constant source of comfort during those challenging times.

As I progressed through senior year, facing the pressures of college applications, scholarships, and the uncertainty of the future, Ms. Planko remained my rock. Whether discussing potential colleges, navigating the intricacies of scholarship applications, or simply alleviating the stress of what lay ahead, she was there for me every step. Her dedication and support remained unwavering.

I vividly recall countless moments where Ms. Planko's words resonated deeply with me, serving as a guiding light. Her ability to uplift and reassure me amidst doubt seemed almost magical, instilling a sense of confidence and calmness within me. Her belief in my potential pushed me ahead, helping me face life's challenges with strength and determination. For instance, when college application pressure hit me, I couldn't believe I was graduating. Applying to colleges felt daunting, and the whole process was incredibly stressful. But Ms. Planko was there every step of the way, reassuring me that I could do it. Even when I doubted myself, she never did. Though I no longer have the convenience of visiting her office, I take solace in knowing she would still be there for me If I need her today.  

Her commitment to my success and well-being reaffirms her role as the perfect school counselor. As I embark on new journeys, she will always be the counselor I admire. Her dedication and compassionate nature will continue to serve as a beacon of inspiration, reminding me of the profound impact a mentor can have on one's life. To my fellow young people, I encourage you to seek out the support of your counselors. Their unwavering support can make all the difference in navigating the challenges of growing up and pursuing your dreams.