Shaping My Identity: Celebrating the Women Who Mold Me

Overall, my female role models are a large part of why I am who I am today. Because of them, I've learned many of the traits that I carry with me.

As a young woman in the 21st century, it's hard to have anyone to look up to nowadays, which means the women I have as my role models are near and dear to me and have a special place in my way of life and thinking. A few of these women include my mother, sister, and Cookie Lyon from the hit show Empire.

My favorite role model, and the one I love most, is my mother. There are about 100 reasons why she inspires me. But I'll only name a few! One of the things I admire about her is that she was able to raise three kids and then some on her own without anyone's help. When times got tough and I noticed she struggled, the one thing she never stopped doing was trying for us. If it meant we ate more than she did, that's what it was. If it meant she bought us more than she could afford for herself, she would do it. She never hesitated to put us first.

Another thing is the way she always supported us. My mom was never one of those parents who would disown us if she disagreed with who we turned out to be. She loved us through and through. She worked hard to get anything we needed. Without her, I would not be who I am today. What I take away from my mom is her will and drive to provide for us. Because of her sacrifices, I will have the same motivation she had for her kids when I become a mother.

Now, let's talk about my sister. We are the same age and go through many of the same things, but how she handles situations inspires me and who she is to me. My sister is much more mature about certain things; she understands how to maneuver in different situations. She understands me; even when she doesn't, she still tries. She is always there to listen and lend her shoulder to cry on. She inspires me to better myself by learning to empathize and sympathize with people and be that helping hand she is for me to others.

Last but not least, Cookie Lyon people may say Cookie isn't a character I should look up to; her come-up wasn't the best, along with the people she surrounded herself with, nor were many of the decisions she made good. But in my eyes, she is a woman of truth, which we call nowadays "standing on business." Despite what she endured, she never failed to be there for her kids. She always spoke up and used her voice to tell people about themselves, and she was never afraid of how they might react. My favorite thing about her is that she never allows herself to be taken advantage of by a man. What she inspired in me is to have more power in my presence. She also inspired me to get out there and make myself more known when I walk into the room and be myself unapologetically. And the last thing she taught me is it's always better to stand alone than with individuals who aren't good for you.

Overall, my female role models are a large part of why I am who I am today. Because of them, I've learned many of the traits that I carry with me.