Reflection Prompts to Support Your Mental Health

    Published on April 11th, 2020

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    Writing our thoughts down can help us explore what is going on in our minds, such as what we think, how we feel, and how we respond to situations. The prompts below will help you think about things you can do to take care of yourself while dealing with any challenging situation. If you prefer not to write, it can be just as helpful to talk through these prompts with a friend or trusted adult.  


    To cope means to deal effectively with something difficult.  

    Take a moment to think about your healthy coping mechanisms (examples: exercising, journaling, hanging out with friends).  

    1. When I’m having a bad day or feeling down, I usually…. 

    How can you adapt your coping mechanisms to staying at home? What are some new, at-home coping mechanisms you want to try? 

    1. I can adapt my current coping mechanisms by… 

    2. A new, at-home coping mechanism I want to try is… 


    Checking-in with one another (friends, family, community) is important during difficult times; we need these moments of connection to maintain our social healthChecking-in with others could be as simple as a quick phone call.  

    Checking-in with yourself is especially important. Checking-in with yourself means taking a moment to reflect on how you’ve been feeling, what’s on your plate, and where you can use support.  

    In the upcoming week, how do you plan to connect with your community, loved ones, and yourself? 

    1. I plan on checking-in with my community by… 

    2. I plan on checking-in with my loved ones by… 

    3. I plan on checking-in with myself by… 


    We can become especially critical of ourselves in moments of stress and adversity. Sometimes we feel we are not doing enough. It’s important to remember you’re doing the best you can, even when it’s difficult, and to think of you can be kind to yourself and others.  

    In the upcoming week, list three ways you can be kind to yourself and others: 

    Three ways I can be kind to myself this week are: 




    Three ways I can be kind to others this week are: 




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