School-Based Health Centers tours are a hit!—Chicago Spring updates

    Published on April 23rd, 2019

    A new series by Peer Health Exchange Chicago is bringing more young people to youth-friendly health centers.

    More than 715 Chicago students participated in the launch of our School-Based Health Center series which provided tours and presentations with six high school partners earlier this year.

    These tours aimed at connecting the content and skills discussed in our workshops to resources students can access right at their high school campuses. We conducted a mix of in-person tours and presentations from health center staff in 30 classrooms across Chicago. Students learned about the free or low-cost services available to them in their schools including reproductive, behavioral, dental, vision, and nutritional services, as well as about their rights as minors when accessing care.

    Peer Health Exchange extends a warm thank you to our four health care provider partners: Heartland Health, University of Illinois Health, Lawndale Christian Health, and Erie Family Health.

    Due to the success of this year’s tours, we plan to scale up the number of tours we facilitate and the number of health centers we collaborate with in the coming years.

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